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Metagood – A Platform Using Latest Trends of NFTs To Help Globally

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As NFTs are currently trending in the market, many companies are coming up with social goals to meet the day-to-day social challenges. One of the fastest socially growing companies is Metagood. It’s a social platform using NFTs for social purposes. With the topmost NFT collections like Metagood and OnChainMonkey, the company has served multiple purposes, be it the financial help of Sharbat Gula, an Afghan Refugee, or providing help to Ukrainians in this emergency. Now let’s understand what the Metagood NFT platform is:

As already mentioned, Metagood is a philanthropic company using NFTs for charity. The cofounders have a belief in changing lives through positive and collective action. The company’s manifesto reads about recognizing the power of Web3 to help the current market and shape future generations.

Who are the creators of the Metagood NFT platform?

Metagood was founded by NFT and crypto veterans Amanda Terry, Bill Tai, and Danny Yang. Yang is a Harvard graduate and founder of Maicon and Blockseer. Maicoin is Taiwan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, while Blockseer is a blockchain analytics company. Terry is the former digital media business development executive of Twitter and NBC. Bill Tai is an athlete, a venture capitalist, and the chairman of ACTAI global.

As per Yang’s discussion with CoinDesk, “The goal is to be visionary, make an impact and solve some of the exponential problems.”

A Brief History:

In September 2021, Metagood dropped its first NFT collection, OnChainMonkey. It’s a free-to-mint 10-k PFP collection. OnChainMonkey is the first NFT collection to mint 10,000 tokens throughout a single transaction. Now the major challenge which got solved was a reduction in gas fees for the charity.

In the next few months, the team is about to release a new project, i.e., Karma, a new NFT collection displaying the artwork of Hollywood movies. The NFT holders will get exclusive perks, including being a member of the OCM community and access to real-life events and many other things.

Moreover, the OCM is helping to raise awareness about the climate crisis. One OCM member has sold his NFT and donated all funds to UNICEF and Giga (Elon Musk-backed foundation). Giga helps in bringing internet connectivity to schools.

Apart from this, Metagood is also in touch with the latest NFT trends; let’s have a look at a few:

Gaming NFT Trend

We cannot skip one of the hottest trends of NFT, i.e., Gaming NFTs. The Ethereum-based gaming NFT Axie has quickly become one of the most successful crypto games. It’s a monster battle game where all the characters are NFTs. Even after there is a cost a user must pay, the game is still increasing the user count quickly. Currently, no crypto game is even closer to Axie’s momentum. However, many potential players in the market are developing NFT gaming with unique ideas. 

The Metaverse

If you are familiar with the term metaverse, you must know it’s a digital space blending physical and virtual reality. The metaverse is the future, as predicted by many experts. The concept is basically a social interaction that can be embedded with a lot of domains, like introducing gaming, introducing currencies, and real-life challenges. Who knows that one day we’ll be joining our offices in metaverses?

The introduction of NFTs to the metaverse increases the level by connecting them to real-world financial systems.

NFT Ticketing

Many companies like getting Protocol and Centaurify are introducing new NFTs to the resale market of tickets. This allows more control for creating NFT, viewing them as digital treasures, and having secure ticket storage. The combination of making tickets as NFT helps in providing entertainment as well as providing digital assets.

From this, we can analyze that with the growth of digital side or digital companies, NFTs help them keep their digital assets secured and protect their identity.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are an essential product considering the future of digital assets. Also, when one sector is purely using NFTs for their personal benefits, Metagood is helping the world in multiple ways, financial help across borders or collective action for positive change. With this, they are also in line with the recent trends introduced to the NFT industry, such as the gaming industry or metaverses.

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