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Metagood is Good for Social Change – Know How

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To continue driving its social change efforts, Metagood launched its first NFT on the digital NFT marketplace to motivate people to be catalysts for social change by regularly participating in events focused on the uplifting and empowering of the community and climate change as well.

The Metagood Team Danny Yang – the CEO; Amanda Terry – the COO; Bill Tai–Chairman, calls it the NFT for good social platform bringing together causes and communities.

Not just single NFTs, but Metagood launched a collection of NFTs in their OCM – OnChainMonkey series.

– OCM Genesis

Metagood’s first NFT collection Genesis was launched on September 11, 2021. The interesting part is that it is the first on-chain profile picture (PFP) collection out of the collection of 10,000 NFTs created in a lone transaction. And it was the world’s first of its kind that got claimed in the first four hours of launch. It is available on both Opensea and Niftygateway.

– OCM Karma

Metagood’s award-winning art team, who has also worked in the animation of the Hollywood movies such as Rio, Ice Age, Ferdinand, and Peanuts, designed the epic OCM karma collection. It’s a next-gen NFT.

– OCM Desserts

OCM Desserts is a unique collection type used to create the OCM Karma NFT collection from the OCM Genesis NFT collection. All the OCM Genesis NFT holders received a Dessert NFT free of cost. An OCM Genesis NFT can eat a type of ice cream. The desserts are burned, and a new Karma is created.

All these collections by Metagood started to do well while doing good.

Another name in NFTS with similar intentions that is helping the communities with NFTs is Jupiter Meta. Jupiter Meta has a decent list of NFTs in collaboration with four artists. A total of 22 NFTs are available from Jupiter Meta NFT Marketplace.

Understanding the hindrances in connecting NFTs and social change and defeating them through innovative arrangements to prepare funds for a good cause increases the value of the digital ecosystem. It leaves a significant mark on the world. We need to bring people together and their accounts through craftsmanship and understand its capability to reach out to individuals and change their lives for the better.

We rarely see such enthusiasm in physical art collectors. It is good to see digital art collectors thinking of making money from one end and making the good social change on the other end. It is much bigger than an art collection when it comes to NFTs. Even in the business sector, today’s opportunities were not there a few years ago. Artists, traders, marketplace organizers, everything is new in the NFT world. And, of course, NFTs change the ownership rules for art pieces that, were not available before their inception.

After digital art, we would like to welcome blockchain technology in other business transactions, such as vehicle purchasing and property buying, among others.

Ever since its introduction, the decentralized ecosystem has shown benefits in trading. First, it was a cryptocurrency, and now NFTs. And, not to mention that people love the transparent market system. Let’s see what it brings next.

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