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New NFT Video by Jim Jones & Migos: “We Set The Trends” 

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The NFT collections of many business stars will include a wide range of items. Top Hollywood star Jim Carey has invested in NFT for the first time. He also enters the metaverse with his new NFT video, “We Set The Trends.” It presented the unique works of renowned photographer Ryan Koopmans and Swedish artist Alice Wexell in this video.

Special Features of NFT Video 

People are curious to see the latest NFT music video. There are many reasons for this curiosity, as discussed below.

Top Stars 

The remix of Jim Jones’ latest hit, “We Set The Trends,” was released a few weeks ago. When we see its initial video, there are only Mogos. Also, there is DJ Khaled, Juelz Santana, and Lil Wayne. In addition to Will C, Shula The Don, Denity, and Jones Works, we see them in the official music video.

On June 2, the new NFT video ” We Set The Trends” will enter the metaverse. Yasha Gruben directed it and EddieVisual produced it. It is interesting to see the works of 15 visual artists in different styles in this digital video.


People have seen its premier in the metaverse in Decentraland. There is a new digital movie theater called Decentraland, used for this release. Its sponsor is Limewire, which makes them outstanding. We can also see the creativity of an all-star visual team. 

Several notable artists and designers contributed their work to this video, including LVMH award-winning designer Kidsuper, artist Somehoodlum, Robert Gallardo, NFT hip-hop expert Tilla Vision, and BAYC animator Idrawanimation Guy Bergman.

Welcome Goodies

It also invites people to see their first screening. It also announces gift hampers to the first 1000 people who watch screenings in Decentraland. AirDropped, a unique digital wearable, will attend screenings and Mod Studio mechanizes it. They also get Whitelist Mint access in June. It also offers free tickets to IRL events. IRL is held in New York City to celebrate NFT week on June 21.

BoredApes and CryptoPunks are popular with business personalities. Jim Carey, the Canadian American comedian, and two-time Golden Globe winner says he purchased NFT on Twitter. His decision was based on its artistic values and its unique way of securing nature. He buys this work via MoonPay services in the marketplace with a value of SuperRare for ETH20 (USD 39,500).

History of NFT Video

The history of the video belongs to the Soviet era. The report published on the project website says that its inspiration is from the Genesis Project, “The Wild Within.” It is based on the actual events and it is created to make history memorable. Renowned star Koopmans Wexell created a visual series to bring new value to neglected buildings. It animated this work for digital platforms.

Soviet Era

The story revolves around the time of the Soviet Union. There is a town called Tskaltub which is located in Georgia. It is a health destination and is known for its therapeutic waters and luxurious sanatoriums. From the 1940s to the 1980s, notable personalities also visited Moscow, such as Joseph Stalin and high-ranking officials.

Many well-known buildings are ignored and gradually faded when the Soviet Union collapsed. It happened in 1991. During this time, the Koopmans visit these places and learn the history of these neglected buildings. He collected images from these places and later joined with Alice Wexell to start work on this project. 

Its team also set up digital vegetation and controlled lighting and structures. Erik Thome gives the sound to these animated scenes. Its only aim is to regenerate all events and fill empty spaces.

Sum Up 

People are crazy about NFT because it is also a new trend. Using the digital platform NFT to tell history with music is the best way to engage more audiences. The public also knows history in this creative way. 

Many top personalities work in “We Set The Trends,” and become notable. This video has a multi-star cast that gives their best work in this NFT video. More stars will launch more music videos on the NFT marketplace.


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